Ideas for better connecting local rural communities?

Please post news of existing, new or potential projects which may need a helping hand or just better publicity....


Earlier this week, I met a lively new team of health trainers who are offering free information and... motivation to help local people to make healthier lifestyle choices.  07769 301497 and  460 

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At a meeting in Kingston last week with Malindi Lovegrove of Action in Rural Sussex we looked at how to improve connections between Ouse Valley villages, there are plans for a quarterly newsletter listing village events and thoughts about a few new local events: possibly 40's, 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's? evenings and a local food celebration/autumn apple fair/lunches/market/talks possibly with a foraging theme to link into the Fine Art of Foraging...

Please contact with interesting local events or add them here so that we can promote them more widely... For example events like the Open Gardens in Southease and Southover in June ... local art classes/clubs, sports activities, yoga, walks, talks...

Thank you,


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