All Party Cycling Group / Get Britain Cycling Enquiry

Report from the last session of the APPG Get Britain Cycling Enquiry:

APPCG Co-Chair Julian Huppert MP, said:

“We need firm leadership from government and a dedicated funding stream if we are to make significant progress in cycle safety and accessibility. It is only by making significant improvements to our infrastructure, introducing clear and enforceable regulations to protect cyclists, and investing in training programmes that we will really start to make a difference.”

Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, Ian Austin MP added that "Everyone involved in all areas of local and national government – including transport, health, the environment – has a role to play in stepping up to this challenge".

Journalist and broadcaster Jon Snow, who is also President of the CTC, told the inquiry that one thing the government could do to transform cycling is “make it compulsory for cycling provision to be included in all new road schemes: ”“The politician that takes leadership on cycling and really revolutionises it will leave a legacy for generations,”

Two government ministers from the Department for Transport – Stephen Hammond and Norman Baker – agreed with the inquiry that cycling needs to be considered as a “mainstream form of transport.”  Baker said that cross government meetings are happening and that this has led to “a greater understanding and commitment on cycling, including significant interest from the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister.” Stephen Hammond also agreed that it would be “sensible” for cycling to be incorporated into plans for new roads.

Both ministers talked about the responsibilities of local authorities to encourage and promote cycling. Baker said that “all too often cycling is dealt with by a cycling officer who is considered junior. This needs to change.” Hammond also spoke about the need for the Highways Agency to include provision for cycling in all transport schemes.

The Get Britain Cycling inquiry’s report, including recommendations for the government, will be published on the 24th of April.

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