Parishes of the Lower Ouse - POLO Meeting - Progress on C7 speed limit reductions

The Parishes of the Lower Ouse (POLO) meeting in Southease church was very well attended, there were reports on some very interesting things happening including... a new youth hostel, plans for a new Ouse valley cyclepath and bridlepath and an epetition to try to reduce the speed limit along the whole of the C7!  Draft minutes of  the POLO meeting attached. 

Ouse valley ESCC Councillor David Rogers attended the POLO meeting communicating responses this week by the ESCC Economy, Transport & Environment Committee to recent OUse valley epetitions as follows:

Petition to Ban HGVs on the C7 – the feasibility will be investigated

Petition to reduce speed limits on the C7 Bell Lane Mini Roundabout to Swanborough Hollow.  

- A 20mph speed limit will be considered.  Southover High St/Kingston Rd as part of the discussions on a possible 20mph speed limit in Lewes Town Centre. If the proposed cycleway goes ahead , consideration will be given to (a) reducing the existing 40mph speed limit to 30mph Kingston Rd to Spring Barn Farm & (b) extending the 40mph speed limit from Spring Barn Farm to Swanborough Hollow.

from Minutes of meeting of  ESCC Economy, Transport & Environment Committee 15 October 2012.


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