Hello - I'm the new Operational Manager at Raystede Animal Welfare Centre and have been very interested to learn about the local area by reading the Village Connections website.  Raystede, as a charity, is wholly dependent on funds that are generously given - and many come from local residents, so many of you reading this have probably helped us in some way in the past.


I have an idea that I hope will work locally - I want to try and get members of the community who might be interested in walking some of the dogs in our care (while we seek adoption for them) to come and join a group walk - one maybe during the week in the evening and one at the weekend.


I just wondered if you know anyone who might be prepared to lead us so that we don't get lost!  We would need to set off from the Raystede site, so I don't have to transport all the dogs.  I then just need to find community volunteers who might be prepared to take a lead for one of the dogs on these walks.


I was thinking maybe an hour or two of a walk rather than anything more challening.


Thanks to anyone who feels this might be a good initiative to support.


Ann McCawley

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Comment by mufti (mary) berridge on October 12, 2012 at 9:18

Ann that sounds a great idea - will send you a message with a walk once I've worked one out with the map!


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